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New cases for the 9.7″ parallel displays and proposal for CLB Club

This might be a continuation from the Cinwrite DEXA epaper controller that we designed just after partnering with Freddie from Good-Display.comThe idea is to prepare an open source Firmware that is ready to be used with different examples and two target controllers: 1 – DEXA-C097 from Good-Display needs additionally my Cinwrite ESP32-S3 SPI controller Optionally…

Testing touch on small SPI epaper displays

Our now IDF ver. 5 compatible touch component FT6X36 is ready to be tested. There are two affordable models that I would like to cover in this post. First one is the 400×300 FT6336 from Good Display, we can see this one in action (2nd video, 1st had still wrong Waveform) It’s important to know…

Dust sensor data representation

The idea of using a HM3301 Laser dust sensor was to make a data representation that instead of boring numbers show a more visual appealing image representing particles and their size.For that we though about making a read each 2 minutes and use a bi-stable display with 4 grays.Components used: The build work!First you should…

Compiling an ARM Linux kernel with EBC eink interface

First of all the essentials which are clearly explained here: Build your first Linux kernel and make sure you have at least 8 GB free disk space .Please be aware that building your own Linux kernel needs to be done with care and it’s a risky operation where you might need to wipe everything if…


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