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Making our own ESP32S3 BLE receive JPEG image Firmware

Since long I’ve been interested in using another means to receive binary data that are more low-consumption oriented than WiFi.And there is a protocol for that, which should be the standard, when sending and receiving BLE files. It’s called L2CAP: Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol: L2CAP permits higher-level protocols (such as GATT and SM) … Continue reading Making our own ESP32S3 BLE receive JPEG image Firmware

Moved to Barcelona

Well it was hard, frustrating and a very tiring experience to say the least. But after finally signing a one year Contract for the apartment, and many “Nos” for other’s we’d liked, but we didn’t qualify since we do not have any spanish work…we are settling down nicely and already got high speed internet installed.Now … Continue reading Moved to Barcelona


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Hi, I’m Martin and I like C / C++ programming with a background in Web-development. As I hobby, main interest are electronics and design.

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