What we can do for you

  • Make a custom, simple, but functional PCB for your project
  • We can install custom displays for your store. Anything from bi-stable epaper displays, to TFT’s or any other kind, to display information of your interest (Or your customers)
  • We can prepare custom LED-matrixes, anything that can be displayed using addressable LEDs (Cheap and powerful)
  • We could combine this display technology with sensors you select, or with custom APIs in the internet (That gather information about weather, images, JSON feeds, anything you desire)
  • With all this knowledge gathered in the latest years of programming we can build your Firmware for this electronic applications. Firmware that can be modified, grow with your project, and adapt to any new challenges. This Firmware will be flashed into the MCU of the electronics we design and it will the working brain of this installations

    Interested ?
    You can reach us in martin (at) luckycloud.de or in the spanish number:

    +34 698934633 / Telegram or Whatsapp

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