About the Fasani’s

Carlos Fasani
carlos_nelExpert electronics designer, micro-controllers programmer with deep understanding of product design. With Carlos we modified a Peggy 2 led Panel to send data via USB and visualize them in real time and I helped him to soldier lot of electronics to pay my drinks when I was a teenager.
Carlos has a lot experience designing interconnected electronic devices and is a curious researcher about how everything works. He lives in Arenys de Mar, Barcelona.

Martin Fasani
martin Who writes is a Zend Certified developer who works doing PHP, Symfony and continuous integration Web-development. I program tailor made Admin-panels for different projects and companies in Berlin.
Interested also in electronics, Internet of the Things and interconnected Wi-Fi devices. I also like a lot sailing in my spare time and 3D print self designed stuff. You can also follow me on Twitter, GitHub and Flickr.

Javier Fasani
javierMi brother is a musician and he plays the keyboards. He works in a very nice factory in Badalona where he helps building big industrial machines. He lives in Barcelona and likes to do drone fotography.


Nel Fasani
carlos_nelMy son is 13 year old and lives in Touluse, France. Let’s see what he comes to do in a couple of years, at the moment there is a lot of Playstation activity.


Helena Fasani
Hela is 1 year and months old and she is very into whatever thing papa is printing burning plastic. I also build some Arduino toys with led lights and button effects that she likes quite a lot.

There are not any more Fasani’s at the moment since grandpa and grandma are gone. Just for the sake of the good memories, this was Carlos Fasani, Pharmaceutical graduate that used to work in Buenos Aires.

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