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Luckycloud offers encrypted cloud storage and email accounts with a PGP-encrypted webmailer. In the summer I helped out my friend and the time neightbour Luc Mader with the initial Symfony architecture to create his platform. More developers joined later
2013-Februarcropped-violiene-head54 Berlin-Strings.com
Wolf is a craftman and luthier who rents beautiful violins, violas, cellos and double basses all originated in Europe before 1930
We are working together in positioning his webpage for the words “Double Bass rental Berlin” and many other combinations for his specific niche.
FACT: Website down from 24 May till 4 June (11 days) has seriously affected google rankings so it’s not anymore in top 10 SERPs.
Supermarket comparison prices
Compara Super
Comparasuper compared prices of Carrefour, Mercadona and Eroski that are the biggest supermarkets in Spain. Today has more than 35K pages indexed by google. Sold to Traffic Partners UK in 2012. Technologies used:

  • Java scrapper with Regular expression patterns to spider the supermarket sites (productID and price per category)
  • PHP / mysql / Jquery Js framework
2011 (January – June)
Saiton Armarios
Working for agency Atipika we did the following tasks for Saiton:

  • Usability enhancements of the Prestashop e-commerce
  • SEM – Ensuring they had they right Ads for the right audience
  • SEO – Positioning their website naturally with the right titles and the right keywords
TIPC is a free mobile phone application for people who want to buy, sell or rent a home without having to pay commission to real estate agents. Working for HPC Factory I collaborated in their CMS and admin panel using:

  • PHP / Sencha Touch framework
CMS of Bingos.co.uk working in team with Waldo Verdejo for NetplayTV. This CMS had the ability to:

  • Change design depending on a sourceid
  • Make different campaigns for PPC and measure what designs had more ROI.
  • Have a complete set of realtime statistics for Netplay´s management
2005runawaydiscos Runaway Discos
Mallorca’s best indie LP store run by Peter Terrasa. Peter is also the organizer of international Fira del Disc in Barcelona and Mallorca. Job done:

  • Migrated more than 2000 LP rows into mySql to create a custom admin panel
  • Brand new custom website with the option to purchase vinyls online
  • Custom means: Just the options that Peter needed making an user friendly and responsive administration panel.

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