Lebenslauf CV

Fasani’s Web Developer Portfolio

Zend Certified PHP Engineer

$CandidateID = “ZEND005162”;

Martin Fasani Zend Certification


  • Symfony 2 to 4, since 2014- Web custom Admin-panels and API. 4 Years experience
  • PHP development since 2005
  • Working with any kind of API’s and also programming them as mobile endpoints (xml / json)
  • Experience with Authentication systems (OAUTH2)
  • Algolia search and any search related indexing. Custom statistic panels using datatables, JSON, C3 & D3 charts
  • Linux experience since about 10 years, Cloud servers and Amazon AWS
  • Experience with bootstrap CSS, Jquery and learning VUE.js
  • Used to work with another MVC frameworks such as Codeigniter and Cibonfire (Hierarchical MVC)
  • Database technologies: Mysql, Oracle, SQL Server

This phrase and one of the best programmers I follow weekly resume everything in a few words –
“Make smart endpoints and dump pipes” – Martin Fowler

Another side activities

  • ESP8266 and related “System of a chip” programming in Arduino with C++
  • IoT developer interested in electronics and 3D-printing

Microsoft Bing Ads Accredited Professional member


Download Martin Fasani Curriculum Vitae

Martin_fasani auf_deutsch

English, German and Spanish fluent communications. Only basic French and Portuguese.


Http Request Class. A begineers class to understand Javascript HTTP requests, a way to refresh HTML in a dynamic way.
Php Innovation Award

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