Ubuntu-Touch r. 100 screenshots and tips

10 days have passed since I wrote this about Ubuntu Touch. The first time I was quite frustrated since I could not connect to the GSM network since there was still no Sim unlock option. I can say now that apart of some glitches and usability enhancements that are seriously needed this can be used as phone on a daily basis without any problem. At least I’m doing that since a week and can live with it.

I’m starting to really like the OS and I refuse to have double boot, I will try to help us much as I can, doing some testing after work helping the team getting new versions more usable.  This release I’m testing it’s r.100 and this is what I could use so far out of the box:

  • Wi-Fi works ok, remembers connections, auto-connects perfectly on the move
  • Messaging also works good. I like the concept, to have an Incoming box, where you can get all incoming messages together.
  • Internet works. But tapping is still unresponsive and Google maps renders with difficulty.
    Hard to book my new Drive-now ride

Some Tips after installation

  • Predictive text:
    This is work in progress. Predictive text has many issues in it’s current state that’s why it was disabled by default in the image.
    If you are courageous enough to enable it do this from command line with the phone connected through adb USB:
    adb shell sudo -iu phablet gsettings set com.canonical.keyboard.maliit predictive-text true

    NOTE: At this time it will only works for english, although my system is set on Deutsch

  • Taking screenshots
    This is possible with a small script that I’m going to upload to dropbox. More on that later!

Some sample screenshots:

Gallery options
I like this battery timeline :)
I like this battery timeline :)
Applications screen
Applications screen
Contacts option. A bit big, right ?
Gallery view
Gallery view

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