Ubuntu Touch looks nice but read this if you want to make calls

I tried last weekend to install Ubuntu 13.10 on my nexus 4. It looks nice, is still buggy, and the most troubling thing is that I could not connect to a GSM Network.

  • To summarize:

  • No data Connection at all out of the box
  • No Sim locking supported, unlock SIM if you want to try this release
  • Forget about whatsapp and all this nice Android apps. If you want to use Android apps then install double boot (Which I dislike, it’s enough to have one problem on the phone)
    Probably needs some weeks more development and testing until you can really enjoy a full working phone.
For those that want to try it out follow the installation instructions on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install
There is an step I completely forget: Sim security should be disabled (That's probably  why I didn't got the Network connection)
Installing Ubuntu

So for those souls that are courageous enough to try I encourage to read this page:


The Developer Preview currently only supports limited voice and SMS over GSM and WCDMA.
The following Radio technologies are not yet included in the Developer Preview:

  • CDMA
  • LTE
  • Airplane Mode
  • Settings ( eg. APN choice, 2G only, … )

Mobile data is generally not supported, data is available via Wi-Fi only. However, for instructions on how to enable 3G on devices, please see the following G+ post by Ricardo Salveti.

This is not at all a rant, Ubuntu is open source software, so if you want to collaborate just join the list and support the team. It’s just a reminder for those that want to jump on the boat too early, that is maybe worth to wait some months, instead of getting frustrated by the initial attempt.

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