3D Printer upgrade

Since last year, when I started 3D-printing, I bought my first printer just to see if I find my way into it.

Anycubic Delta "Kossel Plus"
Anycubic Delta “Kossel Plus”

Since then I found out that I could remember my days in the university studing graphic design and that I can actually design pretty well. But from that to product design there is million-light years. Anyways I like a lot Blender as a 3D Modeling software and I’m starting to get quite advanced doing my own models.

That combined with my passion to soldier electronic stuff and to create new devices has found it’s way. So it’s time for a more professional update.

Last month I purchased a new Prusa MK3.

Photo by the real Tiggy Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mjtmail/

I would be really happy to posting my results with the new machine and sharing with all of you the experience of working and creating new stuff with it.

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