Symfony 2. New series of Posts coming !

It’s been quite a while I don’t post anything here.

And there is a good reason: I’m quite busy. My family comes to visit a Berlin, got a new full time job as a developer, and when I come back home I still keep on reading documentation and doing simple code examples, that I do not push anywhere because they are only learning sh!ts so far.

But soon I’m planning to release some stuff and maybe create some new sites with Symfony, that serve a purpose. But no more client work for some time, I just want to arrive home, and do other things as reading books, hearing some music or just hang around with friends. Also it’s about 3 months I’m going to a very cool Salsa class every Tuesday and Sunday. Salsakurs is now Mittlestuffe, not anymore the boring basics :)

One of the most interesting books I read so far, and still re-reading it when I want to apply some stuff is “A Year with Symfony” . A name that honours the labour, since it’s only 3 months I started learning the framework and I still feel that I know only 10% of it.

So I wish you all a good, sunny and entertaining Summer!


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