#FiveWordTechHorrors IT Horror in 5 Words

I really liked this simple idea, that I’ve seen first at the beginning of this weeks, my favorites so far the ones by Mr. Cooper. So here it goes my top list:

  1. “Hey, let’s install Microsoft CRM!”  @backupbear
  2. CIO had lunch with “InsertRandomTechVendor”  @PatrikLager 
  3. Work late, get free pizza!   @MrAlanCooper 
  4. Is it cheaper without research?  @MrAlanCooper
  5. Testing will fix that problem.
  6. The developers tested it themselves.
  7. It’s too early for design.
  8. It’s done with FaceBook APIs.
  9. Do you have unit tests?
  10. Intern/Head of Social Media  @MatthewCooney

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