Retune: The crossroad between art and technology

Created with the concept of being an „Art and Technology“ conference, Retune has grown to become Germany’s first forum for artists and inventors.
Their focus is to bring a mix of talented people from a wide spectrum of the media and technology scenes. From online artists to industrial designers and new media thinkers, this conference presents people that has a passion for experimenting, break existing paradigms and build new concepts.
So even that this new media art scene and some presentations are way out of our professional scope, we decided to go there to think outside of the box and to come back with new ideas.

Some speakers that called our attention  : 

  • Kyle McDonald

    Kyle presented his idea of “Giving everything away”. A concept where he is totally transparent about what he does and all his experiments, tools and also client works, go to an open repository. As you can see, even his twitter profile picture exposes the Unread vs. Emails in his inbox. An email inbox that he describes as

    "A Task List where you give other people access to"

    Of course it’s not an idea that can be applied by many people at least in the corporate world. But McDonald showed his personal approach in a clever way and his works where very interesting, having many people react every time he publishes a new idea, making a kind of never stopping collaborative chain.

  • Jeremy Bailey

    The Famous new media Artist
    The Famous new media Artist

    Defining himself as a “Famous New Media Artist” , Bailey has made the funniest presentation I’ve seen so far. Armed with some virtual glasses and a Playstation pointer he used as a smoking pipe, he had all the time his own image with a layer of imaginary world on top showing us how he makes his ideas come to life.
    What surprised us, is that this performance is Jeremy’s more playful side, but his real work is to be the Head of Design of

  • Scott Delahunta

    Dance movements has been tried to be noted like a musical notation since the civilization exists. But it has never achieved significant success thus, it’s something that comes more from Intuition than from a Notation sheet.
    Delahunta applied the latest technological concepts of mapping and projection to track choreographers in their exhibitions, adding a layer of  Metadata to the dance itself, and making this available for study. Famous Choreographer William Forsythe has used this to make learning videos for new dancers.
    With this analysis his team was capable of discovering Dance patterns even in choreographies that are meant to run without any specific route for the dancers. An outstanding example of how tracking technology can be used in any field even in one of the most ancient and intuive human performances.

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