Retuning the Tune

Next Friday we are going to the Retune Conference and for the occasion I decided to make a small list with the talks I’m personally interested to attend.

Looking forward into this top 5 presentations

  • Alan N. Shapiros – 27.09 19 Hrs
    »Software Code as Hybrid of Productive and Creative«

    “Blog and text archive about media theory, science fiction theory, future design, social choreography, Computer Science 2.0, new media art, robots and androids”
    Alan looks like a very interesting guy. To start with, he has a blog that is full of interesting articles and no social media clutter.
    I personally dislike all this blogs that invade the reading space with social media links, that no matter how you resize the window, are there !

  • Fabian Mürmann – 28.09 10 am
    »A Rabbit chasing a Skunk. Or the other way around.«

    Fabian Mürmann is a digital tinkerer and generalist who likes to solve problems, make things easier and build (digital) products.

  • James Auger      – 28.09 12:45
    »Speculative design and the Domestication of technology«

    James Auger is a designer, researcher and lecturer operating at the intersection of art and industrial design.

  • Kile McDonald – 28.09 17:00

    Kyle McDonald is a media artist who works with code, with a background in philosophy and computer science. He creates intricate systems with playful realizations, sharing his source and challenging others to create and contribute.

  • Mark Turrell – Sunday 15:45 (Last talk)

    »A New Lens: Applying the Concepts of Spread and Scaling to Revolutionary Movements«

The trending topics on every channel

Google’s 100% “not provided” change — a renewed declaration of war on SEO.

Some advertising news: LG with their agency M&C Saatchi have installed Twitter inside a refrigerator . At the moment of writing this post, it didn’t proved to be very successful with only 20 Followers. Because it turns out a fridge has not many interesting stories to tell…
But no matter how stupid the idea is, if you can get a hundred bloggers writing about it and linking to your brand, it can be in fact a good idea. What do you think ?

“The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.”
― David Ogilvy

Latest music recommendations

Just a few weeks ago, Moderat released their second album, II. Since then it has raised to German top 10 in latest days. A intense electronic Jewel that has a Berlin touch combined with great voices and charming melodies.

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