Thoughs on SEO indexing and on-page

Last August when I was on holidays on Mallorca I made a simple site to save & update events coming from different sources, mainly from . The idea was to make a very simple mobile App to schedule important cultural events in your mobile on a second phase.


So the idea was around this pointers:

  • Create some local users in some cities, starting with Berlin
  • Read RSS of events and import them in the DB
  • Make a simple front/ backend using dynamic tables
  • And send the idea to some friends so they do it in different cities, using the same piece of code

So I coded 3 days and used and old domain I had parked and was target from some experiments on the past.

Called up a friend in London that liked the idea and send me a root access to one of his servers, same afternoon site was live. No big deal, a simple events site, and content that is not original unless you add something in the top of it.  Also this type of content is repeated in numerous sites, almost same title, same description, dates, etc. So I though this could be well placed for a SEO experimentation, to make updates and see how things go, measure it and play over at the weekends.

So with that idea in mind I added movil to github to share it and installed a second domain from my friend, using the same database but a different template and rendering engine. Differences are the following :
  • No on-site structure.  No internal linking
    (List created by javascript in the client)
  • Only sitemap for google indexing. Not important from this experiment but just FYI: A really bad TLD for germany
  • Internal Linking done
    (The table is rendered on the backend)
  • No sitemap.
    Let google discover the content

So with this scenario I though of getting some statistics and make some updates each weekend to publish them at the end of each month and measure the results. Still have to wait some weeks to publish some of those, but for the moment I wanted to comment on what is done so far.

So far I can see the following:

  • Internal linking is the key if you want to give value to your content.
    I though that in the future google will evolve in a way that if you have a web application that renders valuable content coming from json, the search engine would be able to index it properly too. But that is not the case in latter 2013 and it may take much more to arrive to that point.
    If you have a website that has no good internal linking there is no possible ranking.
  • Sitemap indexing is slow:
    It took about 2 weeks to index 40 pages of
    Only 2 days to index 30+ pages in
  • Doing something with a domain like that was kind of farm-link in the past is a very bad idea after google panda updates.  It simply wents to the bottom of the serps. Bad-linking from sites that have nothing to do with you equals zero link value. It’s like link-juice but stinky juice, instead of pushing the domain up, it makes it sink. If you want to start a project from scratch, start with a good domain!  If you purchase one take some time to check it’s history.

On going research. It will be expanded with another blog posts coming in the next weeks.

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