Google is evil

And it’s not because progressively all natural results went above the fold.
It’s not because suddenly Gmail decided what is important and not in my inbox.

It’s because not only at work where we are at least 80 souls I’m getting the Google captcha to make a search. Also at home where in the mornings I’m the only one making a search I’m getting this


If that’s Usability, then I prefer to back to the caves era and make my own weapons.

So I’ve decided to switch to Yahoo for my search, thanks Marissa.
Can you please return Flickr to it’s past state and get me more results as google ?

I’ve decided that you will be my favorite geek girl if you do that. Thanks-

One response to “Google is evil”

  1. Welcome to the ‘Google-Ranting mornings’ directed by the one and only Mr Fasani!

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