Google algorithm trolling

My friend Gabriel from Madrid posted this in Facebook and it made me laught quite a while:
(translation after the spanish original)

Me gusta buscar cosas que no me interesan de forma aleatoria en Google para trollear las cookies, los bots y los algoritmos inteligentes de Google, Facebook y la internete en general. ^^

He tomado esa práctica. cada vez que busco algo, busco a la vez otras cosas que ni me interesan ni tienen nada que ver conmigo. Y doy links y clicks everywhere without a sense !! MMHHUWWWAAHAhaAAHAhahHAHAha ^^

I like to search things randomly that do not interest me to troll the cookies, the bots, the intelligent google algorithms and Facebook.

I accostumed myself to it. Each time I search for something, I search also for other things that are neither my interest and have nothing to do with me. And I go everywhere and click everywhere without any sense !!MMHHUWWWAAHAhaAAHAhahHAHAha ^^

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