How to make your Youtube music videos work in Germany

Bypass the GEMA blocking to see musical videos with this simple techniques. The problem with many videos, not only musical, but many others is that GEMA wants to get money for each video reproduction in youtube and google does not agree to pay the fee. GEMA represents in Germany the copyrights of more than 64,000 members which are composers, lyricists, and music publishers. So most of the musical videos you want to play will be blocked in youtube by this association.

There is a simple solution for that. Suppose you want to see this video about “Climate change”:

Blocked by gema since it’s has some musical background. You see how irrational it gets. Simply add an “ss” before youtube converting the URL in this:

And Voila! Just click again in the video icon and you are all set.

The trick is that the smart guys over have registred redirecting it to their service. Just wanted to disclose that I don’t have anything agains GEMA and I understand that artists need to get copyright money. But the negotiations between GEMA and Google are lasting too long and it’s too bad to have all this videos blocked. Companies fight and the only damage is for the users. So we have now a simple solution adding two “ss” characters to your video.

An alternative solution: A proxy for Chrome.

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