back to the ‘80s [360° audiovisual installation revives berlin’s ‘80s music scene]

Berlin’s expat-gentrification debate is complex, thorny, and, honestly, we’re not going to touch that flaming mess with a 10-foot pole, but essentially, there’s one prevailing overtone: Berlin was sooooo much better back in the day before all those _________ (insert enemy of choice) got here and ruined everything. Heated arguments aside, there are good reasons the edgy, gritty, daring Berlin of yore holds nostalgic appeal. Frankly, the Berlin of back then kicked a lot of ass. And that spirit still clings on—oftentimes in places where you’d least expect it

This Thursday and Friday, an audiovisual installation at Stattbad Wedding will revive the world-famous underground music scene of 1980s Berlin. Subkultur is a project from the !K7 record label that took footage of legendary ’80s concerts in Berlin and remastered and reformatted the clips into a 360° experience for those (i.e. most of us) who weren’t around at the time. Featured are the likes of Einstürzende Neubauten, Lydia Lunch, Shark Vegas, and Mona Mur, plus Nick Cave and Crime and the City Solution, both of whom made cameos in Wim Wenders’ “Wings of Desire” (1987), a moody ode to the decrepit romance of 1980s West Berlin. Accompanying the installation will be equally era-appropriate DJs: Thursday will see Maria Zastrow, from the legendary Risiko Bar, mixing with original cassettes. On Friday, hear Mark Reeder, a key figure in that music scene, hit the decks. —

Stattbad Wedding
Thurs. and Fri. from 23.45 nightly, pre-sale tickets €5 and include a free Maria Zastrow Bar Risiko mixed tape
Gerichtstr. 65 | Facebook event

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