How to disable the Google search button in Android 4.1

In Android 4.1, Google started opening the Google search app no matter what you were doing, which app you were using, etc., as soon as you touch the search button.
Then your heart stops for a moment, as you realize that what you were doing is interrupted, and you think of evil Google and their decision to went into the smartphones business.

This is at least the case for my Motorola Defy Whenever I accidentally hit the button with the little magnification glass, the Google search app opens, instead of the app internal search function. And with 18 Mb, that isn’t fun and takes a while. Also it’s useless for me and for 99% of the world population.

This is how to disable google search and save your nerves:
1. Go to the settings menu
2. Go to apps
3. Go to all apps
4. Go to Google search
5. Uninstall all updates
6. now the same button shows “disable”.  Disable the app.
(If you find the apps in Downloaded tab go to All tab and there click on disable)

Done!  Enjoy! Rejoice ! Relax!
You spended 3 minutes to save a lot of future annoyances. And now in some apps, pressing the search button shall open the internal app search, as ist meant to be.

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