Oonair gets 600.000 € investment roundup

Oonair is a Barcelona based video technology company with offices in Barcelona and San Francisco. We provide rich web & mobile video streaming solutions that empower websites with relevant peer 2 peer video communication tools & solutions.


Spanish video company Oonair gets a new round of investment to put a new business line called Share&Buy that enables the company get in the ecommerce field doing Social Video Shopping, where the video is used to drive opinions and support between users and clients.

Share&Buy allows sharing the contents of each online store through a videochat, accesing the contact list that each client has on Facebook or other social networks. Hence, this service allows you as a client to get in touch with friends without abandoning the online store, through text, video, a shared wall,  all integrated with movile devices.

The 600.000 euros of this investment round are given by their actual partners (Highgrowth Innovación, Bcn Emprèn SCR y el equipo fundador) and two new investors: Venture Cap y Telegraph Hillgroup.

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