Symfony heads up

In the latest 6 months I’ve been quite busy learning Symfony, while I ended up partly in stackoverflow, at the beginning searching for answers to my questions and then when I learned how to solve them giving some answers myself.

Now finally I’m at the point where I can code an admin web panel or CMS completely with the framework. And at the same time, more I learn, I discover how much I don’t know. That’s why next year I’m planning to get certified and invest some time and money going to some workshops.

Matthias Noback, author of the book “1 year with Symfony”, is giving on the beginning of 2015 a special training called Hexagonal Symfony.

If you are interested in his training just sign up in the newsletter to check if he is giving the training near your city. For sure it will be a great heads up in your Symfony work.

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