Symfony Base Admin. New project

At the end of April 2014 I wanted to start testing Symfony taking a base project that was already done in Bonfire/ Codeigniter.

Now the time has come, and I’ve been working with Symfony for about 3 months, so I have more MVC knowledge with the framework. At the same time I was searching for something that was similar as Bonfire to start an easy Admin Panel for some projects. I searched for two weeks but didn’t find anything similar, so no surprise there is no easy panel, you must make your own. And it’s not rocket science, so instead of complaining, let’s do it ;)

With this basic principles in mind:

  • As least components as possible, using Symfony last edition, currently 2.5.* as defined in composer.json
    If we add a new component, is because it’s used somewhere, and it’s commented along with a proper commit in the repository. The goal is that the vendors folder is clean and to to keep the starting codebase to a minimum extent.
  • An easy way to link existing SQL tables to entities, using Doctrine ORM. ( There is no import functionality as in Bonfire )
  • Use the quite well documented Sonata, to make this possible, adding the basic functionality and some examples of how to achieve CRUD functionality.
  • Twitter bootstrap in the admin and if possible also in the front-end, to keep a well designed responsive base design 

Putting this in a Public repository on github so anyone can fork it, modify it and use it for any project.


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