Codeigniter MVC #1

I though about publishing some codeigniter series, just to save some steps in my memory and also to share it with other people that want’s to start with MVC. I’ve done some Model-View-Controller in the past but was time ago and with Zend 1.

So the mission is simple, I will take this events site that I made in 3 hours on holidays, and rebuilt it using codeigniter. I will try to be as methodic as possible and do regular commits on this public github.

So in this commit we will update the config file, to autoload some libraries, change the default route and connect to our database:
git commit -m 'initial configuration + public/lyve.sql db structure'
modified: .htaccess
modified: application/config/autoload.php
modified: application/config/config.php
modified: application/config/database.php
modified: application/config/routes.php
modified: application/controllers/home.php

Result of 1st weekend of self-taught MVC ist online, if you are interested take a look:

and browse the source. Please leave comments if you are going to clone this one.

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