Looking for the most usable Jquery dashboard

I have something in mind to create, but I need an essencial piece, that I still didn’t found, or better than that: It does not exist. It needs to be created.

For dashboard I mean some modular thing with gadgets, like of the old iGoogle, but better and focused in data. So for ex. using datatables for the lists and highcharts for doing some fancy graphics.  And all this should save state in each action, so you can create a complete dashboard with your data, log in and log out, delete cookies and still have the same configuration.

In the process of checking what is existing already I come upon this ones, each one with it’s coolness and deficiencies.


  1. sDashboard

    • Built in support for rendering datatable’s and flotr2 charts
    • Support to listen for events such as table row click, chart data click and data selection built-in
    • Works in mobile, so you can drag and drop the thingies, looks quite fit in my Nexus
    • So far, this is the winning candidate, although I was looking forward something with a bit more Layout flexibility

    Some additional features:

      • Depends on jQuery, jQuery UI, datatables, Flotr2 charts
      • Has 8 options, 4 methods and 7 events to customize
  2. Jquery layout

    Although not a dashboard system, jquery layout is an interesting tool to build a dynamic layout that can be resized and contain widgets inside.
    The layout saves states in json, but has no ability to store widgets order, so that has to be built on the top.

  3. Ext JS
    This library also has high chances to become a good dashboard library.
    But at the moment I favour more a Jquery solution. Although trying out Ext JS is not discarded. I’ve worked with the library some years ago and it’s a very nice framework to work with.

So what is your favourite tool to build a customizable dashboard ? Comment below :)

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