Studing Usability Engineering in Deutschland

Lately I’ve been reading the books of the Usability Engineering Career in Germany.
The Usability master is in the Rhein-Waal University, which is located in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. A bit far away from Berlin and my current life career. But as I’m interested in the contents, I decided to buy and read the books, one by one so I can finish next year.First one in the collection is About Face 3, an essencial item in the Master, since it explains in detail the process about creating Personas and Goal oriented design.

book_about-face book_designing-interactive
This part of the definition is very important: Goal oriented. Not Task oriented.

Very often when we develop something out of our minds, we project tasks and build out a product out of solving A, B & C tasks instead of focusing on the real Goal of our users. Most of this projects are doomed to failure from the very start.
So I highly recommend this book to anyone thinking to start any venture that involves User Interaction (UX). One of the most interesting authors in this field is Alan Cooper, the “Father of Visual Basic”, and main author of About Face. He has a very clear opinion about the role of the users and also about the design iteration process, that is good for design engineering, but not for User interaction design.

In this short video you can get an idea of Alan’s opinion on Users and some very interesting points about software development.

His account on Twitter is @MrAlanCooper

I will be posting once in a while things about User Interaction, since I’m very interested in the topic, and I’ve always worked in projects that are UX related.
If you are interested in this topic, next February 2014, Interaction 14 conference is taking place in Amsterdam.

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