Deutsch Klasse #2

Ebay classes

If you want to learn some useful business words in Deutsch I highly recommend to start using

“Wir drücken Ihnen die Daumen!”

We cross the fingers for you ebay says when you place a bid.

Another interesting phrase I learn for conversation this days it’s:
Es hängt davon ab”  – It depends

Looking for work

“Sehr gute Deutschkenntnisse”  – Means that you have a good knowledge of the language.
Usually at the middle of a work interview your Arbeitgeber will ask “Shall we switch to Deutsch” And at that precise moment if you say “Nein!” you will loose like 4 points.

If you speak english you will tend to speak shitty Deutsch or “retarded Deustch” mixing both languages.

For example you will say:

Ich habe ins Rathaus anmelded

Nein! Take that chewingum out of your mouth and write down in richtig Deutsch:

Ich habe mich ins Rathaus angemelded

Hangover related

“Ich habe einen Kater”  – I have a hangover.
Never say this at work, if you’ve been brave enough to get out into that “cool” bar in Neuköln with your spanisch friends, then you stand like a man until the end of work and you hold the tears tight.

“Ich gehe 4 stunde ins fitnesscenter. Ich habe einen Muskelkater” – I’ve been 4 hours in the gym. I have a muscle ache (Or muscle hangover)

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