Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf. The DDR Chemiegigant

Today I’ve been visiting for the second time the abandoned phosphat fabrik Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf. Finally found what kind of thing they did here, still need to research the dates and more, but translating the product this is what it says:

  • the most effective feed phosphate for animals
  • producing a high quality end feed with mineral mixtures
  • for all species used in accordance with their mineral requirements
  • from chickens to bulls
  • for small animals such as goats, rabbits, fur-bearing animals, like cats, dogs, racing pigeons, ornamental birds and commercial fish

rükanaVEB Chemiewerk Coswig SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAIt seems that in the last period they produced feed phosphat, this chemical balls that are used to feed almost anything.What I would really like to have is a timeline with the diferent periods of this factory since as far as I know it has been:

  • 1900 – 1939 Firma “C.O. Wegener” – starting 1900 they produced cement (Before WW2). The place was not chosen deliberatly, Rüdersdorf factory is located nearby a limestone natural resource.
  • 1939 – 1945 In World War 2 period the fabric was used to produce Bauxite.  Bauxite is the base to produce aluminium.
  • 1945 onwards the soviets dismantled the place completely and in 1950 with new owners it became “VEB Glühphosphatwerk Rüdersdorf” making “Rükana” (hydrothermal defluorination of a mixture of rock phosphate, Phospohorsäure and soda)
  • In 1961  annually provide 200,000 tons of sulfuric acid and about the same amount of cement.
  • 1979-1999 The chemical plant Rüdersdorf integrated into the newly formed “VEB agrochemicals Piesteritz” and now formed part of the operation “Coswig”.  With German reunification, then decreased unit sales and also due to shady investors could no longer avert an end to the production and the closure of the chemical plant in 1999.  No clue what happened exactly in this 20 years, the source of this information is the DDR archive in Wikipedia and rottenplaces.

The last documents and invoices found are dated 1998 under the name Futterphosphat Rüdersdorf. So I guess they produced Rükana in their latest period. No clue about the real history or plans with this place in the latest years since, as my father says, not everything is on the internet. Maybe I will have to ask some senior neighbours in Rüdersdorf but I’m afraid my Deutsch is still nicht so gut.

Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf
Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf rooftop

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