Contact Martin

  • Do you need to develop a custom API that delivers content to any IoT device / webpage / mobile Application ?
  • Are you interested in developing any prototype for your idea ?
    I’m interested in design, electronics, internet of the things and connected devices

If you say yes to any of this questions and you need professional help please get in touch through Skype: fasani

I’m currently working full-time in Skygate located in Berlin as a Web-developer so I don’t have any free time to work on Website development. But I’m very interested in starting to develop applications in the IoT / electronics area since it’s a lot more fun for me at the moment. Also I like APIs, anything that provides endpoints for mobile devices, internet of the things and electronics. We also have a professional Prusa MK3 3D printer and can make prototypes of your future product.
Just get in touch and I will invite the coffee in any location near you in Berlin. I speak german, english and spanish fluently. French and polish are still very bad ;)

Another ways to reach me:

martin at
Calle Diputació 427, 2do 2da

Browse my web development Portfolio

2 responses to “Contact Martin”

  1. Hola Martín
    Soy Pedro Ortiz
    Estás en Berlín?, te fuiste de Mallorca?, tanto tiempo sin noticias.
    Espero estés bien a salvo de la puta pandemia.
    Contando de vos y tus proyectos.
    Saludos abrazo de Pit

    +5411 67475472

    1. Saludos Pit! Puedes contactarme en Twitter o en martin arroba
      Abrazos amigo, aun todos a salvo, sin el Virus. Pero anda cerca el cabrón. Al final lo cogeremos todos, eso esta claro…

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