Anderson.Paak dances with us in Berlin

Great concert in Lido with Herr Paak.

Only bad detail: The sound in LIDO. I know that in small shows is almost impossible to have a great acoustic. But I heard Robert Glasper in Festsaal Kreuzberg 2 years ago, and it was just awesome sound. Leaving out the differences, since Festsaal was 90% wood, and thus a great acoustic natural place this time the sound people at Lido did a poor job. Or just the sound system is not prepared for a show like this. Could hear his voice almost always in the background, without a different output channel and always mixed with the bass and the percussion.

Anyways a great performer with a cool band, great DJ and a highly recommendable show. Proud to be dancing with you Brandon!

Piazzolla Biopic “Tango Maestro” BBC

Very insteresting BBC documentary of Astor Piazzolla’s life with interviews of people that played with him in different parts of his life.


Nadia Boulanger – Pedagoga musical, Paris




Entrevista a su nueva mujer – Amelita Baltar
Piazzolla y el poeta uruguayo Horacio Ferrer


Gotan Project – Clubbers and Tango dancers unite
Osvaldo Ciliento – Ballet
David Harrington – Kronos Quartet

1 era clase trompeta

Hace un tiempo que tenia la trompeta en un rincon con los botones pegados, un instrumento triste y olvidado, en concreto desde que llegue a Berlin en Julio 2012. Recien ahora que finalmente estoy mas asentado en la ciudad mi profesor de trompeta Samuel Garcia ha consentido darme clases online. Si, online, a traves de Skype. Suficiente introducción al asunto, empezamos la clase, dejar el Spotify, el facebook y concentrarse. Lo mas importante, principal tanto al tocar un instrumento de viento como en la vida.

La respiración

  • Buena postura
  • Inmobilidad de la cara / hombros
  • Sin impass entre inspiración y expiración

O sea, respirar naturalmente, sin forzarlo ni chupar el aire. Sentir que el diafragma es como un fuelle y soltar el aire como una columna de aire.


  • Coger demasiado aire
  • Retener el aire
  • Echar mucho aire al principio

Leer The Art of Yoga Breathing 
Arnold Jacobs

Spotify Blue Note collaborative playlist

I´m just sending CVs and finishing stuff at home in Berlin, willing that the sun goes a little bit up in the sky, and I though  that I would like to make a collaborative playlist for those Spotify users around. Here it goes:

RoyRoy -Blue Note!

Starting with the awesome Ron Ayers and some other bossa-nova tracks that I personally admire.


Other music sites I use are:


Feel free to add songs and add me as a friend if you like!