IoT E-ink WiFi display

This E-Ink dynamic display is powered by a ESP8266 or ESP32 System on a Chip. It connects to the local WiFi and reads calendar entries with the goal of displaying last Meetings in the meetings room.
CALE is a dynamic way to organize and fetch content from different sources including weather, todo lists and any applications that expose an open API.
The Firmware is easy to install, free and open source. Try it out if you want to have dynamic screens in your office.

Register in CALE ESP32 Screen manager

Server architecture and request flow

In our laboratory:

First print version rendering a Flickr Image:

Additional information

Controller: Wemos D1 ESP8266
E-Ink display: 7.5inch e-Paper HAT (Waveshare)
Consumption: 100/140 mA only on display Update
Client: Skygate GmbH


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