Chemiewerk Coswig und Movision team

Wochen habe ich in Chemiewerk Rüdersdorf war und ich trafen uns ein paar coole Jungs, die machen ein Video.

“Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, let it grow, be like water.” – Bruce Lee

Im Ortsteil Tasdorf, unweit des Kalksteintagebaus und des großen Zementwerks, steht eine gewaltige Industrieruine. Die beiden riesigen Schornsteine sind sogar von den Trümmerbergen Berlins aus sichtbar und riefen so mein Interesse hervor. In einer Fahrradtour ging es dann von Berlin-Marzahn aus nach Rüdersdorf, immer auf die beiden Schlote zu. (source:

Biking in the snow


A week ago started snowing in Berlin. And for me, that I love biking but I never ventured in the snow, was truly an exciting adventure. There are a few things I have learnt about it, asking in my poor Deutsch to the locals, so I though about making this blog post about it:

  • Use Überschuhe (Shoe covers)
    Unless you are wearing “army boots” this is really important since if you have your feet cold or wet for sure you won’t enjoy the ride and you will get a bad cold.
  • Get a pair of Strumpfhose (pantyhose)
    I know…I know it sounds a bit compelling to use this kind of lady things before putting your pants, but no one will see, and apart of protecting from the cold it´s also better when you fall. Get that Meryl Streep feeling into the streets!
  • Good winter gloves
    What I mean for good are “sky gloves”, those that don’t get wet, and not this ones you are getting in the Turkish shops on Kreuzberg.
  • A pair of transparent glasses
    Optional, since some ice cristals hurt, and you will feel it in your eyes afterwards
  • The bike breaks won’t work
    If you feel like “Hot Rod”  and you are willing to go faster than 8 km you will fall and you may hurt someone.
  • Avoid to drive in the street and use the bike paths
    We are talking about biking in extreme conditions here, so it may be foggy, the cars won’t see you, and the people tends to walk in the bike paths. Take care!
Strumpfhose und Überschuhe
Strumpfhose und Überschuhe

And last advice is quite obvious, just don’t stay half an hour in front of the heating procastinating if you will get out or not before actually getting out, because that’s the prospect to get sick.

If you feel strong enough, next Saturday I’m organizing a 15 km ride, from Erkner to Rüdersdorf and some extra activities. It’s maybe the last weekend that we will be able to do it since with more snow will be too much risk.



Parkour, también conocido como l’art du déplacement (el arte del desplazamiento), es una disciplina que consiste en desplazarse de un punto a otro lo más eficazmente posible, usando principalmente las habilidades del cuerpo humano. Esto significa superar obstáculos que se presenten en el recorrido, tales como vallas, muros, paredes, etc. (en ambientes urbanos) e incluso árboles, formaciones rocosas, ríos, etc

Ayer en Rüdersdorf conocí a unos chicos que practicaban este deporte y me quede sorprendido de su habilidad y el nivel de riesgo con el que lo practican.

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Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose to live with no regret.
Alexander Polli