IoT WiFi mini NAT Router

IoT implementation of a WiFi NAT router on the esp8266 made by martin-ger in C. Project is hosted on github and it’s open source. It offers a fully configutable WiFi repeater via a Web interface located by default on on the “System on a chip” start. Just connect to default “myAP” in your mobile and setup the WiFi NAT Router in 3 minutes.

Typical usage scenarios include:

  • Simple range extender for an existing WiFi network
  • Battery powered outdoor (mesh) networks
  • Setting up an additional WiFi network with different SSID/password for guests
Mini WiFi repeater connected to microUSB

More detailed info from martin-ger open source project:

More details this Youtube video
Disclaimer: Martin Fasani is not the author of this software. martin-ger in github from Wiesbaden, Germany programmed this NAT router implementation.

Additional information

SoC: Wemos D1 mini lite (Specifications)

Documentation and setup of mini WiFi NAT Router
Documentación en español del repetidor WiFi

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