IoT E-ink WiFi display

This E-Ink dynamic display is powered by a ESP8266 System on a Chip. It connects to the local WiFi and reads calendar entries with the goal of displaying last Meetings in the meetings room.

It offers also a Web Interface that allows to send a custom Title and additional Content to be displayed on the E-Ink display. The display is updated in about 4 seconds after receiving the information from the local network. It offers also a multi-cast DNS server so it can be accessed by a Service discovery (Bonjour) using a display.local URL instead of the IP.

In Test laboratory:

First print version rendering a Flickr Image:

Additional information

Controller: Wemos D1 ESP8266
E-Ink display: 7.5inch e-Paper HAT (Waveshare)
Consumption: 100/140 mA only on display Update
Client: Skygate GmbH


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