Slosarek a shop for handmade interior design

Inspired by the modernism and minimalism makes beautiful concrete flowerpots, bowls and candles.

Since 3 months I’m involved in a project to mount an ecommerce in PHP/ Symfony 4. My client makes beautiful objects for the home interior using concrete as her main material.

The goal is to make something minimalist, since in my opinion, most of her creations have this minimal feeling. A simple shape, mostly an unique color, except on some pieces where red is used are the characteristics of most of her creations.

After an initial research on existing ecommerce projects like Magento and other Symfony based, I choosed Sylius because of it’s straigh-forward installation and customization possibilities.
So far me and my client is happy with the result, we will keep adding ideas and measure what is the impact on the site on the next months. I’ve always said that is not easy to sell in the internet. Even if your product is good, a considerable amount of time needs to be spent just on planning how to drive traffic to your site, SEO and most important Content.
Because content at the end is the king. And only you will appear in the search results and with some luck, be linked from external websites, if you have good and quality content that satisfies what the users come to find in your website.

That said I hope we started in the right path, like every ongoing project, there is long road ahead.
If you like interior design and handmade objects go ahead and check it out.