What is semalt.com

Lately I’ve been seeing entries coming from this website semalt.com to my blog.
With some referal like competitors_review.php . It’s funny that someone see’s this one article per week blog as a “Competitor”, I think only my father, brother and a dozen other persons read it per day.

Well back to the point, after reading about this semalt.com website, I think it’s not suspicious at all and it’s just another SERPs/SEO analysis tool like sistrix.
I’ve read a quite comprehensive description of what they do in their blog.

So in my humble point of view, all this warnings over the internet, are just because at the time of testing probably they hitted some blogs with their Spider and they didn’t had a properly About page.

I registered on their 7 day trial, and I’m still testing it, maybe at the end of this week I will write something about them. Or I will just drop them an email and interview them.

One response to “What is semalt.com”

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    You can get more information about Semalt here – http://blog.semalt.com/pleased-to-meet-you

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